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Mad Men

Articles about AMC TV show "Mad Men" by journalist Gwynne Watkins, featuring interviews with Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, Jon Slattery, and more.

From 2010 until 2014, I obsessively covered Mad Men for GQ and Vulture. Mainly, I did episode-to-episode cast interviews, going in depth with a group of smart, funny actors about their characters and the show. Because Mad Men is such a cloak-and-dagger operation, setting these up could be a challenge. I had no foreknowledge of who would be featured in an episode, or who would be leaving the show. Sometimes the AMC publicists gave me tips, i.e. "You'll want to talk to Christina on Monday." Other times I just talked to whoever was available. More than once, I arranged interviews with big-name guest stars without knowing in advance who they were, since they were forbidden from sharing that information before the episode aired. By the time I left my TV gigs to cover movies at Yahoo, I'd spoken with nearly every actor on Mad Men at least once. I'll miss them this year. Below, a guide to all of my Mad Men articles, arranged by season.




Cara Buono  (Faye)                          E9, "The Beautiful Girls"

Lynn Shelton, director                      E10, "Hands and Knees"

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete)                  E11, "Chinese Wall" 

John Slattery (Roger)                        E12, "Blowing Smoke"

Jessica Pare  (Megan)                       E13, "Tomorrowland"

Elisabeth Moss (Peggy)                     E13, "Tomorrowland" 

Christopher Stanley  (Henry)             E13, "Tomorrowland"

Rich Sommer (Harry)                          E13, "Tomorrowland"

Michael Gladis (Paul)                          E13, "Tomorrowland" 


          Jessica Pare (Megan)                       E1-2, "A Little Kiss"

          Set decorator Claudette Didul         E3, "Tea Leaves"

          Ben Feldman (Ginsberg)                  E4, "Mystery Date"

          Vincent Kartheiser (Pete)                 E5, "Signal 30" 

          Writers Maria & Andre Jacquemetton  E6, "Far Away Places" 

          Elisabeth Moss (Peggy)                     E7, "At the Codfish Ball" 

          Alexis Bledel (Beth)                           E8, "Lady Lazarus"

          Jay Ferguson (Stan)                           E9, "Dark Shadows"

          Rich Sommer (Harry)                          E10, "Christmas Waltz"

          Christina Hendricks (Joan)                 E11, "The Other Woman"

          Jared Harris (Lane)                             E12, "Commissions and Fees"

          Aaron Staton (Ken)                              E13, "The Phantom"

          Elisabeth Moss (Peggy)                       E13, "The Phantom"


         A Psychiatrist Analyzes Don and Roger, Based on the Season 6 Premiere

         Ben Feldman (Ginsberg)                    E1-2, "The Doorway"

         Jessica Pare (Megan)                         E3, "Collaborators"

         Teyonah Parris (Dawn)                       E4, "To Have and to Hold"

         Christopher Stanley (Henry)               E5, "The Flood"

         Harry Hamlin (Jim)                               E6, "For Immediate Release"

         Kevin Rahm (Ted)                                 E7, "Man with a Plan"

         Jay Ferguson (Stan)                             E8, "The Crash"

         Charlie Hofheimer (Abe)                      E9, "The Better Half"

         Rich Sommer (Harry)                            E10, "A Tale of Two Cities"

         Linda Cardellini (Sylvia)                        E11, "Favors"

         A Psychiatrist Analyzes Sally Draper After Episode 11

         Vincent Kartheiser (Pete)                     E12, "The Quality of Mercy"

         James Wolk (Bob)                                 E13, "In Care Of" 

         Elisabeth Moss (Peggy)                        E13, "In Care Of"


         The Complete Quips of Mad Men's Roger Sterling

         A Serial Killer Expert Analyzes Mad Men After the Season 7 Premiere

         Jessica Pare (Megan)                            E1, "Time Zones"

         Aaron Staton (Ken)                                E2, "A Day's Work"

         Jay Ferguson (Stan)                               E3, "Field Trip"

         Rich Sommer (Harry)                             E3, "Field Trip"

         Harry Hamlin (Jim)                                 E4, "The Monolith"

         Ben Feldman (Ginsberg)                       E5, "The Runaways"

         A Psychiatrist Analyzes Michael Ginsberg After Episode 5

         Elisabeth Moss (Peggy)                         E6, "The Strategy"

         James Wolk (Bob)                                  E6, "The Strategy"

         Kevin Rahm (Ted)                                   E7, "Waterloo"

And finally, an article that I am told Matt Weiner hated, though it was written out of love:

         18 Mad Men Anachronisms Spotted by the Internet